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Supplement industry is thriving as the young generation has the passion to look and feel good. Many of the people, irrespective of the age regularly hit the gym, sweat and burn the extra fat. In this hard training, the trainers generally recommend supplements to gain benefits. When taken in moderate amount, these supplements in powder form provides many benefits. The macronutrients present in the mass gainer powder used for recover intense workout, are proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The proportion of these macronutrients are detailed on the label of the supplement. Our company, Nutriwell Laboratories specializes in the production and marketing of mass gainer powder under brand Nutriwell. Our ISO 9001:2015 certified company follows GMP and the product is approved by FSSAI. This product is available in chocolate flavor.

Key Facts:

  • The consumption of mass gainer powder in moderate quantity is helpful in quickly building muscle.
  • This supplement can be taken to improve exercise performance.
  • People can maintain a positive protein balance by taking this supplement.
  • People must be careful about the dosage, as overdose can cause side effects.